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Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid at Home

Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid

It is important to avoid toxic chemicals under the pretext of household cleaners at home. Toxic chemicals can be very harmful for health and might result in several complications.

What sounds like a conventional household cleaner are in fact toxic household cleaners that we think are safe to use. If you still have second thoughts, check out the containers for warning signs and things to do upon exposure to eyes or skin. If it is all “natural” as the label suggested, the warnings really do not make sense.

Let us look at the types of toxic chemicals that might be present in household cleaners and the need to stay away from them.

  • Stay away from substances that promotes carcinogenesis, which causes cancer.
  • Chemicals causing endocrine disruptions. These are chemicals that can react with endocrine (or hormones) systems and cause complications like tumors, infertility and many other developmental disorders.
  • Toxins that can cause damage to central nervous system. Also known as neurotoxins, it might cause paralysis and low heart rate.

Household Cleaners to Avoid

Room Fresheners

Air fresheners contain volatile and semi-volatile compounds. It can cause harmful respiratory issues and severe lung problems. A lot of air fresheners are found to cause asthma in an otherwise healthy individual.

Fabric Conditioner (softener)

Fabric softeners are types of conditioners used in laundry. It produces softness and freshness in the fabrics uses. They are not exactly healthy though, as the chemicals and fragrances are found to cause skin allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma.

Cleaners with Artificial Scent

A lot of household cleaners with fragrance have artificial synthetic chemicals that are hazardous for health. These chemicals can cause birth defects, cancer and nervous disorders.

Antibacterial Products

They are all over the ads, explaining just how effective they are in fighting germs and bacteria but what is largely unknown is that antibacterial products have the potential to create bacteria that are super resistant to antibiotics.

Drain Cleaners

This is probably the most dangerous of all the cleaning products. They contain corrosive substances like bleach and sodium hydroxide. They have properties to burn skin and eyes permanently. Inhaling such corrosive substances can also prove fatal.

Dangers of Bleach and Ammonia

Mixing bleach and ammonia for cleaning causes toxic fumes that can cause irritation to eyes, respiratory problems, nausea and coughing.

Though a lot of these products are sold as natural products in the markets it is important to check the ingredients carefully when choosing household cleaning products as this could help you make a wise choice in protecting your family’s health.

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