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Expert Upholstery Cleaner Services in Adelaide

Upholstered furnishings like your armchairs, dining chairs, lounge suites; etc undergoes a lot of wear and tear. With pets and children at home, it is impossible to keep your upholstered furnishings protected from soiling and staining. Upholstery cleaning Adelaide- we have been providing customers in Adelaide with the best upholstery cleaning services.

We value our customers and adopt the best cleaning methods. Our professional upholstery cleaning will remove deep stains and embedded dirt, leaving your furniture fresh, clean and hygiene. We pride ourselves on providing the top quality upholstery cleaning services at affordable rates.

Whether your upholstery furnishings are made of natural or synthetic fabric, we take great care and use the most suitable cleaning methods. In addition, our upholstery cleaning processes do not include low quality high alkaline cleaning solutions. Alkaline cleaning solution normally leaves a sticky, soapy residue that attracts dirt, resoiling your upholstery. For this reason, we use eco-friendly cleaning products that leave no sticky residue but provide exceptional results.

Upholstery Spot & Stain Removal

‘We treat stains that are hard to take out‘

Our professional team at Adelaide’s Best Carpet Cleaner use specialized methods to remove stains from your upholstery that are difficult and problematic. We guarantee to remove all kinds of stain in a fast and effective way.

  • Food Spills- Mustard, cooking oil, chocolate, cream, butter, pizza, soy sauce, etc
  • Beverage Spills- Coffee, lemonade, aerated drink, red wine, alcohol, etc.
  • Pet Accidents- Pet vomit, pet urine, solid waste, pet dander, etc.
  • Others- Resin, makeup, chewing gum, mud, nail color, grease, etc.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

Upholstery furnishings like leather lounge suites make a fine addition to your interiors. It’s important they are cleaned and conditioned regularly as they are expensive. If not, the leather starts to crack and the quality and value of your furniture will decrease over time.

We use special cleaning agents and carefully work with deep stains and soiling, removing them completely. Also, using leather conditioner, we ensure that your leather furniture gets back its softness, appearing as good as new.

In case, you have not cleaned your leather upholstery for a long time, we have a solution for that. For best results, we will use steam cleaning process and remove any stubborn stains or soiling from the furniture.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services Include:

  • Pre-inspection of furniture for identifying the type of upholstery fabric.
  • Treatment of embedded spots and stains.
  • Preconditioning of soiled areas.
  • Deep extraction cleaning
  • Treating with fine fabric upholstery protector.
  • Fabric drying & final inspection.

Why should Upholstery be Cleaned Regularly?

Preventing Allergies

The most important reason for cleaning upholsteries regularly is to maintain healthy conditions in the living room. Leaving your furniture’s uncleaned over a long period of time can result in harmful bacteria that can cause unpleasant odor and illness. Cleaning upholsteries regularly can keep bacteria away and help maintain a healthy and fresh atmosphere.

Air Quality in Living Room

Regular cleaning of upholstery can also help maintain good indoor air quality. By cleaning upholstery regularly, one can eliminate dust, mold, and other allergens that cause illness. Poor indoor air quality can cause breathing problems, discomfort and undesirable living conditions. To maintain good air conditions especially for elders and people with asthma problems it is important to clean and maintain good air quality.

Good Appearance

Your upholstery improves the aesthetics of the living room. Maintaining your upholstery with regular cleaning helps maintain the fabric and the fresh new look for a long time. When it is not cleaned regularly the fabric tends to lose color and wear out quickly.

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services in Adelaide

There are many solutions and cleaning products available in the market today that can help you clean the upholstery yourself. No matter the effort you put into cleaning the work of professionals will always be better. Professional upholstery cleaning companies have the required equipment’s and the skills required to the job in the best way possible.
It is advisable that one takes professional upholstery cleaning services at least twice a year so that you can enhance the life span of your upholstery. It can also help you in not replacing your furniture’s quickly which might burn a hole in your pocket.

For more information on leather upholstery cleaning services in Adelaide, call us at 1800 75 60 75 or 0410 799 585. You can also get a quick quote for leather upholstery cleaning in Adelaide by filling out the fields in our quote calculator page.

Before and After Upholstery Cleaning

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