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Commercial Carpet Cleaning: How often Should it be Done?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Carpets in commercial places are important to improve the look and feel of the workspace. A clean and fresh carpet improves the mood of employees and creates a positive vibe among customers. But, more than just the appearance a regularly cleaned carpet has longevity and does not have to be replaced often as commercial carpets can be quite expensive.

Most Common Practices in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming is the most common technique used in cleaning carpets in commercial places. It is cost effective and does not require any special skills.

How often should commercial carpets be vacuum cleaned?

  • Heavy traffic areas are most prone to dust and damage, it should be cleaned almost every day and, in some cases, more than once a day.
  • Medium traffic areas can be cleaned 4-5 times depending on the amount of foot traffic.
  • Low traffic areas can be cleaned once or twice a week depending on exposure to dirt and soiling.
Spot Cleaning for Stains

Dirt is just one of the problems that requires regular carpet cleaning. Stains are more of an eye sore and are difficult to remove. Replacing carpets every time that are stained isn’t an option. In such case, spot cleaning is done where the area with stain spot is treated for removal.

  • Smaller stains can be easily removed with the right cleaning agents and can be done by office caretakers.
  • Heavier stains like tar, glue, sauce needs to be treated by professional carpet cleaners and it can be quite a handful to remove them. If the right methods are not used depending on the type of stain, carpets will be damaged and will leave a bad spot that looks as bad as a stain.
  • It is advisable to have someone check the carpets regularly for stains and dirt. Sometimes the timing of treating hard stains is crucial. Some stains will become unremovable after a certain period. It is important to check often so carpets can be treated in a timely manner to clean stains.
Dirt Prevention with Preventive Cleaning

Cleaning carpets regularly can prevent carpets getting dirt or soiled. Regular cleaning can improve the longevity of the carpet as dirt that can cause damage are not allowed to settle in for a prolonged period.

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning it is advisable to choose professional carpet cleaning services since it can be tough and time consuming. Also, with professional cleaners you have the right techniques used to take good care of expensive carpets.

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