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Different Carpet Cleaning Methods You Should Know

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Even though carpet cleaning is one of the basic house cleaning tasks, it involves more than normal cleaning and vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaners use different cleaning methods like carpet shampooing to give deep cleaning results and help you keep your carpet clean for a long time.

As a normal homeowner, there is very less chance of you having knowledge of these carpet cleaning techniques. Professionals will do their job and some may even recommend the most suitable cleaning method for you. However, prior to calling for a service, you should make it a point to learn about all the cleaning methods used by the professional carpet cleaners.

Here’s a list of carpet cleaning methods being used by professional carpet cleaners today.

Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction/steam cleaning is one of the popular cleaning methods preferred by most of the professional carpet cleaners. Under this process, a powerful machine is used for injecting hot water and cleaning solutions into the carpet fiber at very high pressure. Once the soil, dirt, and grime loosen up from the carpet fiber, a high-powered vacuum is used to take out unclean hot water from the carpet.

It is observed that you can remove even the toughest dirt embedded into your carpet fiber. Compared to other carpet cleaning techniques, hot water extraction is taken to be the most suitable cleaning technique. You’ll avoid dealing with carpet wear and damage, which normally happens under other cleaning techniques.

Today, most of the carpet cleaning companies use high-powered truck mounted machines for delivering better results.

Dry Cleaning

One of the important advantages of the dry-cleaning method is the quick drying time. After the carpet cleaning service, you can use your carpet in a very less time.

Chemical agents and application solvents are used in the cleaning process. There will be no use of water and this prevents any chances of mold growth if the cleaning has not been done properly.

And compared to conventional wet carpet cleaning process, the dry-cleaning method is preferred by most of the professionals. In this process, the cleaning compound is spread over the carpet area. The dry compound then breaks down and absorbs all the dirt and grime. The particles are then vacuumed away, leaving the surface clean and fresh.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning method involves pre-spraying of carpet with the mixture of water and cleaning solution. Following this, a rotary floor machine with bonnets is used in a rotary motion to agitate the dirt. The dirt foam is then vacuumed.

This cleaning method is mostly favored because it’s quick and less labor intensive. However, the main disadvantage is that even though the bonnet cleaners remove surface dirt, the process may be pushing the dirt further into the carpet layer. If the cleaning solution remains inside, it may cause more soiling and the wetness may develop into a mold.


Shampoo carpet cleaning is one of the oldest cleaning methods. Initially, the carpet is vacuumed; following which a machine equipped with shampooers is used to apply the solution over the surface. Through the mechanized brush, the carpet is then scrubbed for deep cleaning results. The dirt solution is then removed through vacuuming.

Today, most of the professional carpet cleaners do not favor this cleaning method as it leaves behind residue in the carpet fiber. The chances of re-soling are greater and this may leave the carpet dirty and filthier than before.


The encapsulation method works similar to dry carpet cleaning. There is not much water involved in this cleaning process; instead, the polymers are used to capture dirt particles. When the encapsulating chemical is sprayed onto the carpet, the polymers attract and crystallize the dirt and soil particles. The crystallized particles are then removed easily through ordinary dry vacuuming.

Under the encapsulation cleaning method, you can expect quick drying time and there’ll be no issues of re-soiling.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly and most importantly it should also be carried out by professionals. While hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in Adelaide, you need to understand all the cleaning methods, so that you can pick the best service for your carpet. Choosing the best cleaning method will keep your carpet clean as well as increase its longevity.

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