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Effects of Mold and How to get Rid of them

How to Remove MoldMolds are common during wet and damp season. They especially grow faster in places with less to no ventilation. Cold and wet months are usually the time when the problem of mold is highest. Though it does not have the same effects as chemical toxins do, molds can cause eye irritation, nose block and skin allergies.

Different ways to get rid of Mold

There are different ways to get rid of molds, let us look at some.


Vinegar acts as a mild acid and is effective in getting rid of mold. Spraying vinegar on surfaces with mold and leaving it for an hour can help you get rid of most of them.


There are several recommendations not to consider chlorine for removal of mold. In spite of claims that chlorine is not completely effective in removing mold, you can still wipe away most part of mold by dipping a cloth in it and cleaning the surface with mold.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective and natural option to get rid of mold. Mix tea tree oil with water and spray on the surface with mold. Wipe it away after a couple of hours by spraying more tea tree oil and you can remove the mold.


Alcohol can be used effectively in removing mold. You can spray vodka on the mold formation and leave it for an hour and then wipe it off with a cloth to remove it.


Hydrogen peroxide can be effective against mold. The effervescent nature of the mild compound can help killing mold on damp and porous surface.


Commonly used detergents can also be used in removal of mold. The mold first need to be removed using a scrubber and detergent mixed with water can be used to clean them off.


Like alcohol, distilled ethanol can also be used in getting rid of mold. Ethanol acts as an antifungal in removing molds.

Preventing Mold Formation

Getting rid of mold is just a part of your cleaning process. Necessary steps should be taken so that they do not reoccur. Proper ventilation is most basic step that can ensure there is no growth of mold. Damp and wet surfaces can be a breeding ground when there is no proper ventilation for the areas to dry. Making sure of good air ventilation and exposure to sunlight can help prevent formation of mold.

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