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How to Clean and Maintain Furniture at Home

Cleaning Maintenance Home Furniture

Professional Furniture Cleaning Services or DIY Methods

You might be someone who clean and maintain furniture’s regularly. If you are into the habit of applying polish too, you might have realized that over time, dust and polish combine to leave spots on your furniture. It is advisable to do deep cleaning periodically either through professional furniture cleaning services or by DIY methods.

If you are planning to clean it yourself, remove the surface dirt on the furniture by dusting. Once the dirt is removed, you can use a mild cleaner to remove soiling. Finally, mix water with soap used for dish washing and make a solution. Once the solution is ready, wet a soft cloth with the solution and clean the furniture. Make sure the soft cloth is damp and not soaking wet. Saturating a furniture wood with a soaking wet cloth is not advisable. Care should be taken to rinse the cloth often and keep it damp while cleaning the furniture. Once the process is done, wipe the furniture off with a dry cloth.

Do Not Expose Furniture to Sunlight for Prolonged Periods

Furniture cleaning is just a part of good maintenance. Care should be taken so that furniture’s are not exposed to sunlight for long durations. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes a phenomenon known as “spotting” in which spots starts appearing in the cross section of the furniture.

Be Careful About What You Place on Your Furniture

It is important to be mindful about placing extremely hot or cold objects directly on the table furniture. This may cause damage to the texture of the furniture leaving bad spots and damage. Place a tablecloth, to prevent damages from extremely hot or cold objects.

Keep Sharp Objects Away

Sharp objects leave undesirable scratches on furniture. It is important to keep sharp object away from furniture to prevent scratch and damage.

Oil and Wax for Better Protection

Furniture can be well maintained if they are oiled and waxed regularly. It not only enhances the appearance of the furniture but act as a protective layer against scratches.

It is important that your expensive investments are regularly cleaned and well maintained to improve their longevity and avoid unwanted expenses on new furnitures.

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