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Remove Chewing Gum from your Carpet & Upholstery Quick and Easy

How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet
A piece of chewing gum can easily find its way on your carpet, upholstery, or any place in your home. Unfortunately, if that piece of gum is mashed into your upholstery or the carpet, you will have a tough time dealing with the mess.

The longer you leave the sticky substance, harder it will be to remove the gum and over time, it may turn into a dirt magnet. Suppose, you try hard to scrape off the gum, then you may end up damaging your carpet or upholstery.

The dried gum can be removed by sharp scissors, but it’s not good for your carpet or upholstery. Clearly avoid doing things that would risk pulling up the pile. If you find yourself dealing with a sticky gum, then follow the steps below that are safe, effective, and quick to perform.

Freeze the Gum Wad with an Ice Pack

It’s practically impossible to remove a sticky substance without damaging the upholstery fabric or carpet fiber. In such cases, freeze the gum out of the surface.

Grab few cubes of ice, place them in a zip lock cover and put it directly on the embedded chewing gum. Leave the ice bag there until the gum is frozen solid.

Scrape the Softened Gum using Spoon/Dull Knife

Remove the frozen gum using a spoon, putty knife, or metal spatula. Even if the gum is hardened, never use a knife with sharp edges as it can damage the surface.

Vacuum the Loose Gum Particles

Even after you scrape off the gum, small particles may remain inside. These gum particles will be a problem when they de-freeze. It will be difficult to take out such tiny particles.

To avoid such problems, vacuum the area as soon as you remove the frozen gum wad.

Gently Sponge with Cleaning Agent

Once you have got the gum off the surface, there is a high probability you will find residual stains. It’s definitely unpleasant to look at a stained furniture or carpet.

Add warm soapy water or mild cleaning solution over the area. Work in a circular motion towards the center so the stain does not spread. Blot the stain and repeat the process till the stain goes away.

Remove any Remaining Residues through Blotting

Subsequently, cleaning with the solution is not sufficient; you have to rinse the area by blotting with a cloth/sponge soaked in warm water.

The stain may disappear, but the area may turn sticky over time and attract dirt and turn in to mold. Even though you have used a mild solvent, it is necessary you blot or dab the spot to remove the remaining solution residue.

Chewing gum removal can prove to be a very difficult process at times. It is advisable to go for an expert cleaners who have experience and knowledge to choose the right method that will get rid of your sticky problems.

By following the above tips, you can easily remove chewing gum from your carpet. For excellent carpet or upholstery cleaning call Adelaide’s Best Carpet Cleaner. We are the best and most experienced carpet cleaning providers in Adelaide. Contact our friendly team today on 1800 75 60 75 and get a free quote.

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