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How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean after Getting a Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Having your upholstery cleaned by a professional upholstery cleaning company occasionally is a great of increasing the lifespan of your furniture.

But getting professional services occasionally is also an investment. As with any investments, you need to ensure you get the best results out of it. So here are some things that you could do, in keeping your upholstery clean after getting professional help.

Furniture Covers

Using covers on arm rest and sitting area can help prevent wear and tear of your furniture. The covers take most of the damages caused by daily use and can be easily replaced when worn out, unlike your furniture which can be quite expensive to replace.

Light Clean Regularly

Make sure you clean your furniture’s regularly by dusting and wiping off any visible stains. By light cleaning your furniture regularly you can avoid dust or spills settling on your furniture permanently. If you are suing any solution to wipe furniture’s make sure the area is completely dried off after cleaning.

Vacuum Regularly

Even if you are not able to reach all the areas do make it a habit to vacuum upholstery often so that you do not allow dirt to settle in. Dirt can cause damage to the fabric of your upholstery if it is ground against it because of regular use of your furniture.

Change Cushion Position

If the cushions or removable keep changing the position of base cushion and pillows used on your furniture. Leaving cushions in the same position can cause uneven wear on the surface of your upholstery.

Remove Spills Immediately

Whenever you have accidental spill on the upholstery make sure it is cleaned immediately. Allowing it to settle in can cause permanent mark or stains on your good-looking upholstery. Depending on the type of spill some can even cause permanent damage to your upholstery.

Use Fabric Protectors

Treat your upholstery with good fabric protectors so that you can avoid the general wear caused by daily usage. Fabric protectors are not expensive and does not need special skills to use. However, make sure you select the right type of fabric protector depending on the type of your upholstery.

Fabric De-pill

De-pill your fabrics to remove the fuzziness using a de-pilling comb. You can give your upholstery a fresh and new look by de-pilling the puff balls that are created by daily usage.

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