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How to Maintain Carpets when you have Pets at Home

Carpet Cleaning Pet Danders

New carpets are a welcome addition to any home. They complete the look and feel of a living room. It is also a fact that such good-looking carpets do not come cheap. Maintenance is vitally important for a carpet that costs a lot. It is more challenging to maintain it when you have pets at home.

Here are some tips that can help you maintain your carpets even with pets around.

Do not Allow Pets Inside with Wet Paws

Have a mattress place at the doorsteps, make sure the paws of your pets are dried on it when they come back from outside. This will ensure that they do not carry all the wet dirt over to your good-looking carpet and spoil them.

Use Carpet Cleaners

If your pet has an accident over your lovely carpet spray remove the wastes on the carpet immediately and dry the carpet to prevent the moisture settling in. Then use a good quality carpet cleaner to wipe and clean that area to ensure that the carpet does not get stained.

Leave Tiles Space on Entrance

Have little space between your carpet and your house entrance without covering the whole area with the carpet. This can ensure that your pets walk on the tiles first before setting foot on the carpet. By walking on the tiles first when entering the home, most of the dirt is left behind on the tiles. It is easier to have dirt removed from the tiles than from a carpet.

Choose Stain Resistant Carpets

If possible, try to choose carpets that are stain resistant. Stain resistant carpets can be costlier than normal ones, but they can last longer and resistant to stains. The protective layer of fibers in stain resistant carpets are easier to maintain and clean. It can also withstand regular vacuum and steam cleaning from professional carpet cleaning services, unlike some carpets which start to lose their shine and look with regular cleaning.

Getting Rid of Pet Urine

Pet urine can be very tough to remove. It is important to act fast in such cases. Use lot of paper towels in the affected area and try to remove as much urine as possible with the them. It is important to use as many paper towels as possible until they are not able to pull any wetness from the carpet anymore. This not only helps to have urine removed but also ensures the urine does not spread to a wider area within the carpet. You can later use cleaning solutions to wipe of the dried area.

Trim Those Nails

It’s not always the dirt that can cause damage to your carpets but also the nail on your pets. Check your pet nails often and have them trimmed whenever necessary this can help you avoid unwanted wear and tear on your carpet that can be caused by sharp nails.

Steam Clean Every Month

If you have pets you can opt for steam cleaning once a month by hiring a professional steam cleaning service. Steam cleaning regularly can help remove dander, saliva and hair from your pets. By steam cleaning regularly you can also ensure a clean and healthy home.

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