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Remove Paint Stains on Carpet
Planning to repaint your interiors? Then there will be a lot of spills, splatters, and other accidents. There is a very good chance that you’ll find paint stains on your carpet, furniture or anything that is around that place.

Unfortunately, it’s not just your repainting plan that will spoil your carpet. If you have kids at home, then their creative activities may leave some more paint stains. As a homeowner, you should be prepared to deal with all the kinds of paint stains and treat them with the best possible cleaning procedures.

It’s obvious that you’ll take professional carpet cleaning services at least two times in a year. But till then you should maintain your carpet properly so that it stays durable for a longer time.

Oil-based Paint

Older the stain gets, the more difficult it will be to remove from the carpet. As soon as you see a paint stain, start with the spot treatment process. Because the oil-based paint can create a permanent stain if not cleaned right away.

Scoop the spill as much as possible with a dull knife or spatula. Use turpentine or mineral spirits for removing the stain. Before applying the solution, test it on an inconspicuous area of your carpet. This is done to make sure the solution is not discoloring or damaging your carpet. After doing that blot the area.

If the stain is still visible, then apply some mild detergent solution on the area and start working towards the center and blot it. Once the stain is completely removed, sponge the area with clean water to avoid residue build up.

Acrylic Paint

It’s easier to remove acrylic paints from your carpeting as they are water-based. For better results, clean the spill while it’s still fresh.

Start with removing the spill gently from the carpet. To remove the stain, apply glycerin and blot till the color disappears. If the stain is still visible, rub little alcohol and clean with mild detergent solution and water.

Suppose the paint has dried then you need to rub alcohol to remove the stain as they become resistant to water.

Latex Paint

The last thing you want is spilled latex paint on your new carpet.

Use a dry sponge/washcloth and blot the paint as much as possible. To clean the stain, prepare a dilute detergent solution, add it on the area and blot. Instead of detergent, you can even use vinegar as it works best with latex paint.

Repeat the blotting process until you don’t see any traces of stain.

Water-based Paint

Even though the water-based paint is easier to clean, you have to be careful not to use an excess of water as it can spread the stain.

If the spill is fresh then you need not use any cleaning solution. Just use warm water and clean the spot with a dry towel or washcloth. For dry paint stain, spray hot water and saturate the dry layer. Dab the spot with a damp cloth and remove the paint. Repeat the process until you don’t find any traces of paint.

Dry Paint

Generally, if you are dealing with a dried paint then it’s not difficult to remove the stains from your carpet. But remember, never use chemicals directly on the spot. First, saturate the dried paint with hot water and remove the flakes completely.

If you see any stain, then blot the spot with a mild detergent solution. Once the cloth stops picking the color, clean with distilled water to avoid leaving the area sticky. Dry the area well before using the carpet again.

Paint stains are easier to remove if they are new. But if you are dealing with hard spot paint stains, then you have to call professional carpet cleaners for the job. Their cleaning techniques will leave your carpet completely clean without any damage.

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