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Doing These Things Will Damage Your Tiles and Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Tile floors improve the aesthetics of your home. But over time, dirt and soil get trapped in the pores of grout making the surface appear unclean and greasy. It’s good if you are regularly cleaning and scrubbing the floor. On the downside, ensure that your cleaning methods are not doing more harm than good as bad techniques can cause damages to your expensive tiles.

The grout lines between the tiles can easily get damaged when you try to extract embedded soil with the wrong cleaning solutions or methods. Your negligence can cost you your stunning tile floor and you can avoid that if you stop following these practices.

Using too much water

Water naturally becomes your first preference while cleaning an unclean surface. However, using water in abundance may prove unsuitable for your tiles and grout lines.

Grout is porous. If you have not used grout sealant, water may seep into the grout and develop into mold and mildew. It’s hard to clean the fungus that is under the grout and this subsequently makes your tile floor unhygienic. To top it all, you are wasting a lot of water.

Cleaning with Colored Chemical Solutions

Dirty tiles can spoil the appearance of your bathroom, but using colored chemical cleaning solution will not do it any better. The color of the grout will alter or gets discolored and appears contrasting against the tiles.

Also, if you are cleaning dark colored grout with bleach cleaners, the discoloration will be easily visible.

Using Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Although chemical cleaners may be effective at removing dirt and other contaminants from your tile floor, it is not recommended. The chemicals may weaken the grout joints and reduce the lifespan of your tile floor.

Additionally, as a result of direct exposure to these chemicals, you will be implicated with serious health issues.

Making Use of Coarse Scrubbers

Scrubbing is taken as the best method to remove stains and mold. But when you use coarse steel wire scrubber, it will damage the grout lines wearing off the uppermost layer.

Your tile floor will be more susceptible to damage and more dirt would build-up. It’s best you to avoid steel wire scrubber and instead use nylon brush or stone pad.

Using Acid-Based Cleaners

Acid cleaners are the best choice to tackle bacteria, but they can degrade the surface of tile floor over time. If the grout lines are weak, they get easily affected by strong acidic solutions. Either the grout surface will become more porous or get completely damaged.

Whenever you are purchasing tile cleaning solutions, always check the PH level. Because using acidic solutions can adversely affect the surface of your tile floor.

Once you are done cleaning your tiles and grout, apply a sealant layer on all the porous surfaces. The sealant layer prevents mold growth and dirt from sticking to the grout.

If all these sounds a bit too complicated for you, call up your nearest professional tile and grout cleaning services and ensure you keep your tiles sparkling clean.

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