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Things you Need to be Aware of in Tile and Grout Cleaning

Let’s face it, tile and grout cleaning are not for everyone. With heavy use, it gets more tough to get those stains off your tiles.

One could be tempted to use harsh chemicals to get those tough stains off, but it could also have adverse effect on the health of your family.

There are some steps you could take to reduce your tiles and grout from getting totally dirty and spoilt.

Ensure a dry floor

Take extra care in wiping of any amount of water that is spilled on the tiles from time to time. By cleaning the water immediately and keeping the floor dry you can prevent dirt from soaking in to your tiles.

Protect high traffic areas

You can place mattress or rugs on heavy traffic areas, like the entrances. By placing a mat, you can avoid damage to your tiles in the areas which is exposed to high amount of foot traffic. The cleaning process can be much easier when the tiles are protected by mats or rugs.

Vacuum often

Make it a habit to vacuum your floors often. By vacuuming often, you ensure that you do not leave unwanted dirt on the tiles which can cause damage to your tiles. When people walk often on dirt they are ground against the tiles causing damage.

Seal grouts

Grouts are usually porous, they tend to attract dirt and spills. By sealing the grout with good quality sealant, you can form a protective layer that keeps the dirt and spills from seeping into the grout.

Rinse with water after a mop

Whenever you finish mopping always rinse the tiles with generous amount of water to get rid of all the residue. Once rinsing is complete ensure the area is completely dried off to avoid grout getting soaked.

Moving furniture

Heavy furniture’s are one important reason for tile damage. Whenever you are moving your furniture make sure you use felt guides as it can protect your tiles from getting damaged.

Professional help

It is important to choose professional tile and grout cleaning service occasionally as they can be very effective in having your tiles and grout cleaned thoroughly. Professional services are equipped with the right tools that can ensure tiles and grout getting the right treatment.

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