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How to Choose the Best Carpet for Your Kids Play Area?

Best Carpet for Kids Play Area

While purchasing a carpet for your home, normally, you would pick the one that works best for your personal needs and preferences.

But when it comes to your kid’s play area, you have to choose a carpet that can withstand heavy foot traffic and everyday spills. If not, the carpet cleaning process could get expensive and time-consuming.

Today, you’ll find a range of carpet in the market varying in terms of fabric, construction, color, and styles. Each one of the carpet styles is designed for different purpose. For instance, you cannot keep a plush high pile carpet in high-foot-traffic areas. Instead, you have to go for something that has strong fiber construction. Making the right decision, while choosing the carpet style will help you avoid unnecessary wear and expensive replacements.

Before you pick a carpet for your kid’s playroom, take a look at these considerations and choose the right one.

Focus on the Carpet Fiber

Having knowledge of different carpet fiber types will save you from making expensive mistakes. Basically, there are four types of fiber: Nylon, wool, polypropylene, and polyester.

The carpet fiber you choose should withstand high-foot traffic and demand low-maintenance services. When you look into such criterions, nylon is the best type of carpet fiber. As opposed to natural fiber types like wool and silk, you will experience better durability by choosing a nylon fiber carpet. The nylon fiber is strong, resilient, and hard to stain if the fiber is stain treated. Hence, the nylon carpet makes an excellent choice for high foot traffic areas like hallways and play area.

Pick the Right Style

You’ll find carpet styles in the cut pile, loop pile, or the combination of both. In the cut pile carpet style, the yarn loops are cut to provide an upright appearance. In the case of loop pile carpet, the yarn loops remain intact. If you choose a loop pile carpet, then there is a good chance of the loops being snagged by sharp objects. And over time, the carpet may appear old and unattractive.

In this matter, a cut pile carpet works better in your favor. There are different types of cut pile carpet and the frieze and textured carpet styles will make an excellent choice for places with high foot traffic.

Also, both the carpet styles hide footprints and other marks giving a cleaner look for a long time.

Select the Appropriate Color

Besides the style and fiber material, color is another major factor that needs to be regarded while choosing a carpet.

If you are flooring your kid’s play area then the carpet should withstand everyday soiling and staining. Soft color carpet will easily appear dirty every alternate day. And cleaning your carpet very often will leave it damaged. The color has a major role in keeping your carpet durable and beautiful for years to come.

Avoid light colors like cream, white, and any soft shades. Go for the shades and tones that will conceal footmarks, spills, and everyday soiling.

Before purchasing a carpet, always analyze the foot traffic level of the area that you are about to install with. Understand how each carpet type would react to everyday wear and tear. And when choosing a carpet for high foot traffic area, always go for a carpet type that has strong fiber construction.

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