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Tips on Deep Cleaning your Carpet

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Be it winter or summer there is always a need to clean your carpets to maintain them in good condition. A lot of people regularly vacuum clean, to ensure a thoroughly clean carpet. But a deep cleaning process is much more effective than normal vacuuming as it can effectively work on tough stains and germs and clean them thoroughly leaving behind a very clean and healthy living room.

Deep cleaning involves a lot of skilled labor and time. It is not everyone and needs a lot of patience depending on the type of cleaning job at hand. It is advisable to go for professional deep cleaning services occasionally.

Here some effective tools for deep cleaning.

Sponge or Microfiber Cloth

These are the two commonly used materials used for cleaning. Sponges have been around for a while but can be a germ magnet. Unlike microfiber it is difficult to clean a sponge. A microfiber cloth is much more effective in cleaning surfaces and can also be easily hand or machine washed. It also dries out a lot quicker. Since it can be cleaned easily it will not hold germs like a sponge does.

Vacuum or Broom

Brooms are most commonly used to sweep of dirt. A broom is not effective as a vacuum cleaner as it spreads the dirt all around while sweeping instead of clearing them. A vacuum cleaner is more effective as it absorbs all the dirt and does not scatter the dirt across the sweeping area. The drawback with vacuum cleaner it needs proper maintenance to keep working effectively.

Cleaner or Steamer

A floor cleaner is effective in deep cleaning surfaces. A steam cleaner not only cleans the floor effectively but also acts on the germs making sure you have a clean and healthy room. The heat generated by the steam cleaners act on tough stains loosening them and making it easier to clean. Steam cleaners are more effective in tile and grout cleaning.

Toilet Brush or Toilet Wand

Toilet brushes are found commonly in most toilets for cleaning. Toilet brushes can get dirty and unhealthy with more usage. It always sits in their holder and can carry harmful germs that can cause health issues. Toilet wands are much more suitable for scrubbing and they are easily disposable. Though they can be expensive than normal toilet cleaners as they are disposable it is a better sanitary solution over a toilet brush.

Glass Cleaners or Custom Cleaning Solutions

You can find fancy glass cleaners in most supermarkets, they are effective in cleaning and leaves behind a fresh feeling. Glass cleaners might involve chemicals though, if you prefer self-made cleaning solutions over commercial glass cleaners you can do so by preparing them yourself. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar are sometimes more effective than commercially made glass cleaners. If you would like to cut down on spending for glass cleaners, you can opt for homemade solutions. You can find a variety of information online about different solutions that are suitable for cleaning.

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