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What are the Best Carpet Care Tips for the Colder Months Ahead

Carpet Care Tips

Keeping your carpet clean is necessary for all the seasons. And if it’s cold or wet season, then you have to be more careful with your carpet cleaning methods.

In winter, you’ll be dealing with snow, salt stains, and a lot of soiling. In addition to that, if there is food or drink spills, then you have more work to do. In the colder months, you have to be more careful in managing your carpet. Suppose you have kids and pets at home, then you have to take extra-precautionary measures for keeping your carpet clean and fresh.

Besides regular vacuum cleaning, you have to follow some simple carpet care tips that will make managing your carpet easier.

Keep Door Mat at Every Entrance

You certainly cannot keep kids off the snow. It’s not just your kids, but every time you go out, you’ll carry dirt, snow, and debris inside your home.

The amount of snow or loose dirt that enters your home is sufficient to make your carpet dirty. You can avoid this by keeping sturdy outdoor mats at every entrance of your home. It would be easier for a person to wipe off the dirt and soil from his shoes.

Also, the mat construction is very important. You have to choose the mat design that helps in stopping more dirt and debris. For best results, keep doormats on both the sides of the door.

Vacuum More Often

Winter is one of the messiest months and there will be more soil buildup in the carpet. Along with debris, even snow will enter your house and once they get ingrained, the wetness will attract more dirt and make your carpet filthier.

By vacuuming regularly, you’ll remove on the surface dirt layer and avoid particles from collecting. And to keep salt and snow particles from ingraining into the carpet fiber, vacuum more than two times a week.

Do Immediate Spot Cleaning

You cannot avoid accidental spills. It can be your favorite drink or the salt stain but just clean up as early as possible. Do not wait until the stain sets in.

Never leave the salt stain untreated or allow it to dry, because later it will not be easy to remove the gritty salt particles. If you find a fresh salt stain, do spot treatment using warm water and vinegar. To treat dried salt stains, take professional carpet cleaning services or you would end up damaging the carpet fiber.

Create a No-Shoe Policy

It can be your guests or family members but do not let anyone use your carpet wearing their shoes. Put a shoe rack outside and insist on them wearing them a pair of clean socks while they are inside the home.

Now it’s easier said than done. But follow this practice, because the benefits are invaluable. You’ll avoid people from tracking mud and debris into your home and that’ll help you protect your carpet.

Monitor Pet Activities

Like your kids, it’s hard to monitor your pet friends all the time. Each time your dog or cat comes back from outside, they’ll bring mud and snow and that is enough to make your carpet dirty again.

Put a microfiber mat outside the pet door and wipe their paws to remove any trace of wetness. If possible keep them away from the room where you have put your carpet.

Carpet maintenance will be easier in the colder days if you follow these few precautionary measures. For small stains, your home cleaning methods should be sufficient. However, for keeping your carpet in a much better condition take professional carpet cleaning services at least twice during the season. By giving deep cleaning treatment you’ll keep your carpet fresh and well-maintained for a longer time.

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